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Reactivating an Inactive Worker
Reactivating an Inactive Worker

Only active workers can access courses and contribute to company compliance status.

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Worker status in Workhub can be set to Active or Inactive. When a worker is Inactive, the user will not be able to access the online safety management system, nor will their compliance (progress through required elements) affect the company's overall status. For paid customers, inactive workers will also be excluded from the monthly billing.

Note: A worker's compliance progress and data (certificates, quizzes, etc.) are stored in the system while inactive.

In the event a worker returns to active service with the company, their access to the portal will need to be restored.

Reactivating a Worker

The following steps take an administrator through the process of changing a worker from "Inactive" to "Active":

1. From your Admin portal, click Workers

2. Click the "X" next to the default filter of Active to display all workers

3. Select the worker you want to make active from the Worker List

4. You can toggle the button to Active from the worker profile and click Save Worker.

This will now show you all the worker compliance details and requirements and allow the worker to get back into their account.

Reactivating a Deleted Worker

If a Worker has been deleted from an account, they won't show up in the Worker list even if you choose to include Inactive workers. Their information has been removed from the account, and you won't be able to recall them into the system - at least not without our help!

If you have a Worker who has been deleted that you need to retrieve, you can reach out to our Customer Success team at [email protected] to have their account reactivated within the account. Be sure to include the name and email for the Worker you're looking to retrieve so we can find the right person for you!

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