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Utilize training in SafetySync Custom Courses
Utilize training in SafetySync Custom Courses

Upload training courses and documents through

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To upload content as custom training in SafetySync you'll first need to create a Slideshare account.

  1. Head to and click the Signup button in the top right. Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn so you can create an account using your LinkedIn credentials if you'd like.

2. Once you've created an account you can click the Upload button in the menu:

3. Follow the prompts, upload your PowerPoint or PDF and make sure you set the Privacy to Private - Anyone with link

4. Next Publish your changes.

5. Click the Edit button and on the next page select the Privacy Settings tab.

6. Ensure you don't protect it with a password and choose whether you want to allow users to download or clip slides.

7. Under Embed Settings make sure it can be embedded "Anywhere". Remember only those with the secret link can see it so you don't have to worry about it being public.

8. Click Update and use the Copy button to grab the embed code.

9. Back in SafetySync, on your custom lesson, paste the code into the Slideshare option:

10. Save your changes and you can now enable the course for workers to take in SafetySync.


  • Slideshare will allow you to insert YouTube videos in between slides.

  • Check out Slideshare's own Tips & Tricks section for more functionality

  • The code you embed in SafetySync has a section for Width & Height. You can change these numbers to have them utilize more whitespace on the lesson page for workers. Of course, Slideshare can be maximized in SafetySync so this isn't necessary.

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