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Using Workhub Bulletins

How to post a safety bulletin or alert to keep workers up to date.

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Using Bulletins can be a powerful and efficient way to communicate with a large group of people. Think about it like sending out a mass email or memo, but you can also track who has reviewed it and allow them to leave comments. It's like a bulletin board - just virtual!

Additional options like setting the specific employee(s) the bulletin/alert is addressed to, selecting whether or not it is required/mandatory for review, extend the value of this online feature.

Creating a Bulletin

Starting on your Admin dash, click into the Bulletins component.

Then click Create Bulletin in the top right corner.

In the Bulletin creation screen, you'll need to enter a bunch of different information.
Your Bulletin will need a Subject to display on the Bulletin list, and you'll need to choose a Category for your Bulletin as well. If you toggle the Post Alert option, your Bulletin will appear with a red triangle to indicate it's important. You can choose how long that alert will appear - 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours are the options available.

Once you've entered those details, you can populate the body of your Bulletin. You can enter it as plain text or copy and paste information you have from another document if you wish.
If you would like to attach a document for the Bulletin, you can use the Attachments box on the right side of the page. Click Add to add any file you'd like to include.

After you've populated your bulletin with the message you'd like to send, you can select the Workers you'd like to receive it! To do so, click the Add button next to Recipients. A pop-up will appear on your screen with Locations and Positions to assign the Bulletin to.
You'll need to choose a combination of Locations and Positions for your Bulletin to be deliverable.

If you want to receive a copy of the Bulletin yourself, you'll need to toggle the Send Me a Copy option to On.

After choosing your Recipients, you need to choose how they've receive the Bulletin. All bulletins are hosted via Workhub by default but you can choose to email or send them via SMS to your workers (if you are on a paid plan). You can toggle these buttons to choose how to notify your workers. 

You can decide how long the employee must review the bulletin/alert by dragging the Review Time bar up to 60 seconds. This settings affects how long the employee must review the bulletin/alert before it is being considered as reviewed. Keep in mind, if reviewed on SMS or email, the bulletin will be considered reviewed once opened as we can only track review time on the Workhub system.

When you're happy with the contents and settings for your Bulletin, you can hit Save Bulletin in the top right corner of the screen. Doing so will cause this pop-up to appear:

In this pop-up, you need to choose when you'd like to post the Bulletin and if Compliance is required for it after posting.
You can choose to post the Bulletin

  • Now: adds the Bulletin to the Bulletin list and sends notifications immediately.

  • Later: allows you to schedule a Bulletin for a later date/time of your selection and will send notifications at that time

  • Save as a Draft: will not post the Bulletin but will instead add it to a Draft tab for further review

Choose whether or not viewing the bulletin/alert is Required for Compliance. Toggling this option will either include the item in the account and workers' compliance calculations or allow them to review it optionally.

If you set the bulletin as Required for Compliance, you can choose the date the bulletin/alert must be reviewed by by using the calendar picker in the Required After field. You can also use the Archive On field to choose how long the Bulletin will appear in your Bulletin list and when it will lapse from being included in compliance calculation. After that date, the Bulletin will be moved to the Archive (accessible from the Filters in your Bulletin list). You can also choose No Expiry if you want it to stay within the Bulletin list and compliance calculations in perpetuity.

When you're satisfied, hit Finish to finalize your Bulletin.

Administering Bulletins

From your admin dash, you can administer Bulletins. This includes reviewing worker compliance, evaluating comments, and managing your archive.

Reviewing Worker compliance on a Bulletin is easy! Simply click into the Bulletin you want to see the compliance for and navigate to the Worker Compliance tab along the top of the screen.

The list will populate with all the Workers the Bulletin was made available to. The Compliant column will inform you of that Worker's compliance for the Bulletin, and the Date column will indicate when they reviewed it. You can use the Download Report button in the top right corner to download either a PDF or CSV copy of the compliance information.

If you have any worker comments needing approval, they'll appear in the Pending Comments tab along the top of the window:

Clicking any of the comments will bring up the Bulletin and the comment as they've posted it. You can use the Worker Portal Visibility options to choose if you'd like to Share the comment or Hide it. If you've chosen to share the comment, you can then also choose to reply to the comment by using the blue arrow next to the Worker image. You can also add your own comment to the Bulletin from this page.

Archived Bulletins are those that have reached the end of their period of validity as determined when publishing a bulletin that has required compliance.

You can manually set a date for a Bulletin to lapse into the archive by clicking into the Bulletin and selecting an Archive On date.

You can also push a Bulletin into the archive immediately by clicking the Archive button in the top right corner of the screen for a particular Bulletin.

You can look at the Bulletins that have been moved to the archive by starting on your main Bulletin List and using the Filter options for the list:

After applying this filter, your list will switch to show all the items within your archive. The Archived filter will appear in the blue bubble at the top right of the list. When you want to switch back to the regular view of your current Bulletins, just click the X in that filter bubble.

As with all components in Workhub, you can tailor the settings of this particular component by clicking into the Settings tab and making what changes you'd like.

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