Using Bulletins can be a powerful and efficient way to communicate with a large group of people. Think about it like sending out a mass email or memo, but you can also track who has reviewed it and allow them to leave comments. It's exactly like a bulletin board - just virtual!

Additional options like setting the specific employee(s) the bulletin/alert is addressed to, selecting whether or not it is required/mandatory for review, extend the value of this online feature.

From your Dashboard, click Bulletins

Then click Create Bulletin:

Choose the Type of post you are going to create.

Note: The additional steps that follow are the same whether you chose Safety Bulletin, Admin Bulletin, Operations Bulletin or Alert.

Enter your Subject, then beside Recipients click Add to choose Location(s) or Position(s) from the popup window. These choices affect from which locations the bulletin/alert will be visible and sent to by email or SMS if selected. You can choose to leave the default "All Locations", or limit by selecting specific location(s) from the drop-down menu.

You can decide how long the employee must review the bulletin/alert by dragging the Review Time bar up to 60 seconds. This settings affects how long the employee must review the bulletin/alert before it is being considered as reviewed. Keep in mind, if reviewed on SMS or email, the bulletin will be considered reviewed once opened as we can only track review time on the Workhub system. 

All bulletins are hosted via Workhub by default but you can choose to email or send them via SMS to your workers. You can toggle these buttons to choose how to notify your workers. 

Choose whether or not viewing the bulletin/alert is Required for Compliance. Checking this box makes it so that viewing/not viewing the bulletin/alert directly affects employee compliance ratings.

If you set the bulletin as Required for Compliance, you can choose the date the bulletin/alert must be reviewed by, by using the calendar picker in the Due Date field.

Selecting a Relevant for new employees until: date will make the bulletin disappear for all workers after the date you select. After this date, the bulletin will no longer affect worker compliance. This is useful for time-sensitive bulletins. Alternatively, you can choose No Expiry to have the bulletin appear indefinitely for all new workers.

You can also attach an external file to the bulletin/alert. Click Add next to Attachment to upload the file you would like attach to the bulletin/alert. You can drag and drop multiple files here or use your file explorer to browse for them.

The next section on the page is where you can add in any text for your bulletin.

Note: There are text editing tools in the tool bar above the input field, for formatting and editing your text.

Once you have completed entering the text you can choose to Post the bulletin or Save as Draft

Note: It is important to note that once you decide to post the bulletin/alert, you cannot make edits afterward. So make sure you review the document before clicking "Post"!

Drafts can be accessed from the Drafts tab on the Bulletins page.

All drafts can be viewed from the Admin side, however only drafts created by you can be viewed from your worker side. As long as you have the correct positions, you can also post Bulletins from your worker dash.

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