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Listing a worker as Terminated
Listing a worker as Terminated

Terminated workers have no impact on the company compliance status, and can be reactivated if they resume their employment.

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Workhub offers an HR Status option within a Worker profile to mark a Worker as Terminated. This allows an admin to indicate a Worker no longer works for the organization and to include a reason for their release from employment. When a worker is listed as terminated, the user will not be able to access the online safety management system, nor will their compliance (progress through required elements) affect the company's overall status. For Premium plan customers, terminated workers will also be excluded from the monthly billing.

Note: A worker's compliance progress and data (certificates, quizzes, etc.) are stored in the system while inactive.

In the event a worker returns to active service with the company, their access to the portal will need to be restored.

The following steps take an administrator through the process of changing a worker from "Active" to "Terminated":

1. From your Admin portal, select Workers 

2. Select the worker you would like to make terminated

3. Select the worker from the list. Within their worker profile, navigate to the HR status section and proceed to enter the Release Date. Optionally, you may input a reason for the release.

4. Once you have entered the release date, a pop-up will appear seeking confirmation to change the worker's status to inactive. Upon confirming this action, the worker will be officially marked as inactive.

5. After ensuring the accuracy of the entered information, save the worker profile. Additionally, you have the option to indicate the worker's eligibility for re-hire by marking the checkbox labeled "Eligible for Re-Hire."

If you need to bring a Worker back in Workhub from being Inactive, we have steps for you to follow in this Help Article!

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