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Previewing/choosing a lesson version
Previewing/choosing a lesson version

Select the lesson version that is right for your company.

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For some lessons in Safety Awareness Training, there are multiple video versions available. For most lessons, there are avatar-instructed lessons (which are small and ideal for situations where bandwidth is an issue). However, for some lessons, the system can also link to public service training videos on the Internet. These can include government agencies, such as OSHA, US Chemical Safety Board, Utah State Police, US Parks Service, WorkSafe BC, etc. It can also include equipment manufacturers, such as Caterpillar, Yamaha, Stihl, etc. Workhub recommends reviewing each version and selecting the one that is most appropriate for your operations.

1. From your Admin Dashboard,  select Online Training 

2. Find the training you would like to explore and select it.

 - E.g. The "Musculoskeletal Disorders and Ergonomics" lesson can be found in the "Common Worksite Injuries" training. The "Right to Refuse Unsafe Work" lesson can be found in the "Occupational Health and Safety" training.

3. In the Course Overview select the appropriate lesson you would like to preview.

4. This will navigate you to the Lesson Versions page, with the "Lecture Versions" tab selected. You can preview different versions of the lesson by clicking on the lesson itself which will open up a new layer with the selected version

5. Once you have decided on the version you like, make sure you mark the appropriate version by clicking on the 'Version in Use' radio button.

6. Be sure to Save Changes.

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