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Previewing/selecting quiz questions for a lesson
Previewing/selecting quiz questions for a lesson

Customize which questions are asked on quizzes.

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Workhub allows administrators to customize the safety awareness training experience according to each company's particular operations. Questions have been developed for all the material presented in a lesson, most (but not all) of which are enabled by default for the knowledge assessment quizzes. Some default questions may not apply to your industry or the hazards present in your work environment, while some that are not selected may apply. You can review and enable/disable any questions in the available list.

From Workhub

1. From your Admin Dashboard, click on Online Training

2. Find the course you would like to customize and click on that row in the list.

3. Select a lesson from the list which you will be customizing. 

4. This will navigate you to the Lesson Versions page. Choose the Quiz Questions tab.

5. From here, you can select which questions you'd like to be included.  If you wish to include a question, check the box next to it by clicking in the 'Selected' column. If you wish to exclude a quiz question, clear the checkbox.

You can view the statistics on how often the correct answer is chosen. You can also preview the different questions of the quiz by clicking on the 'Preview' link. 

Select the answer you believe is correct, then choose "Check Answer". The correct answer will be displayed. 

6. Be sure to click Save Questions to save your changes.

Note: If you feel a question should be modified or a new question added, please make any suggestions by contacting customer service.

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