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How to Enable Quizzes without viewing the lesson (Admin)
How to Enable Quizzes without viewing the lesson (Admin)

Setting online courses so quizzes are enabled for workers without having to view the lessons

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​There are two methods to enable quizzes for your workers in online training without requiring them to view the lessons. Let's explore both options:

Option 1: Global Settings: this would be your default setting for all training.

  1. Go to your Admin Dashboard and click on Online Training, then select Settings.

  2. In the first question, choose "Yes" to allow workers to attempt quizzes without viewing lessons.

  3. Save your changes. This will activate the "Take Quiz" buttons in all lessons.


Option 2: Course-Specific Settings

  1. Access the Online Training component from your Admin Dashboard.

  2. Select the desired course from the list and go to the settings tab.

  3. You have the choice to keep the default settings or customize them as needed.

  4. Save your changes to apply the updated settings to that specific course.


By using these methods, you can configure the quiz settings for your online training, giving workers the flexibility to attempt quizzes without viewing the lessons.


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