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How to Reassign Responsibilities
How to Reassign Responsibilities

Reassigning Responsibilities before moving or setting workers as inactive

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Workers in Workhub oftentimes have responsibilities assigned to them. This could range from Policies, Procedures/ Competencies and even Subordinates. It is important to take note of this when you're looking to maybe change the Position of a worker or make a worker inactive as the system would prompt you to reassign their responsibilities to another worker.

To do this, Click on Workers from your Admin side,

This will pull up the worker list, select the worker's name from the list and under Worker Detail, click on Reassign Responsibilities

A new page will pop up with responsibilities the Worker has. You may Select All, if you're looking to reassign those to just one worker, or select individual responsibilities and assign as needed.

After selecting, you would then be able to type in the Worker you're to have these tasks reassigned to

Once you've selected the name, Click on Save Reassignments at the top right corner of the page.

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