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Performing a Competency Assessment
Performing a Competency Assessment

How to request a competency assessment, and complete an assessment request as an assessor.

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How to Request a Competency Assessment

For a worker to request a competency assessment, they must first complete any prerequisites attached to the competency. The request assessment button will be greyed out until they have been completed.

Clicking on the prerequisites themselves will allow you to navigate to the page where they can be completed. Once all the prerequisites have been satisfied, you can click on the Request Assessment button.

This will then give you a list of names that an assessment can be requested from. These Assessors may have been prequalified by an admin or assessed as an instructor/assessor from the competency itself.

Click on a name to leave a comment or reason for the request.

Once your request has been submitted, you will see the competency has updated to include details of your request.

Possible ​Levels of Competence

When assessing a Worker, there are three levels you can indicate for their Competence:

Instructor/Assessor, Competent, and Requires Supervision. Let's elaborate on those to let you know what those choices will mean if you choose them.


The status of Instructor/Assessor indicates that you, as an Assessor, deem the Worker competent. It also means that you believe they are capable of assessing others' competence in the task or skill being assessed.

There is a setting within the Settings tab for Competencies that allows an administrator to select whether the assessment of a Worker as Instructor/Assessor will automatically add the Worker as an Assessor to that specific Competency.

If you as an administrator do not wish your Assessors to be able to list others they assess as Assessors for Competencies, you can turn that setting off!

If you select Instructor/Assessor for all the criteria possible, the Worker's status will be listed as Instructor/Assessor.
If you do not select Instructor/Assessor for all the criteria, the Worker's status will be listed as Competent rather than as an Instructor/Assessor.


The status of Competent indicates that you deem the Worker competent on the criteria outlined. The Worker will then be listed in the Worker Compliance in green text as Competent.

Requires Supervision

The status of Requires Supervision means that you deem the Worker as not quite competent of doing the task without some supervision or assistance. As a result, they aren't considered competent for that particular criterion.

Choosing even one criterion as Requires Supervision will mean the Worker will, as a whole, not be considered Competent. It does not matter if the other criteria were listed as Competent. One selection of Requires supervision will mean the Worker will be listed in red text as Requires Supervision.

With those levels in mind, let's outline how to complete an assessment for a Worker.

How to Assess a Worker from the Worker Dash

If you have been listed as an assessor, you will have the ability to perform Competency Assessments from your Worker dash.

When an Assessment request has been made of you, you will receive an email of a competency assessment request and you will also see this notification on the competencies card on your Worker dashboard.

Clicking on the component will open up the Competencies List. From here, you can click on the Assessments tab.

When you click on the request, you can either choose to use the Assess Others button in the top right corner of the page to choose a Worker to assess or to complete any Assessment Requests that appear in the list for you. For the assessment requests, you will be prompted to assess the worker or decline the request.

If you choose to Decline, you will be required to leave a reason. This will remove the request from your list.

If you choose to Assess, the competency assessment form will open up. Here you can indicate whether a Worker is considered Competent or if they Require Supervision for each Assessment Criteria in the assessment. You can include notes for each of the criteria as well.

If you select Requires Supervision for any of the criteria in the assessment, the Worker's overall Competency Assessment will indicate the Worker requires supervision.

A Worker will need to be listed as Competent for all criteria to be considered Competent.

Once all the performance criteria have been completed, click Submit Assessment.

After submitting that assessment, you will sent back to your Assessments page. You should see a new listing on the page for the assessment you just completed. All the historic assessments you have completed will be catalogued on this page. You can click into any of the assessments in the list to review the details, to download the most recent assessments, or to download the assessment history (which includes the results of every assessment of this type for that particular Worker).

How to Assess a Worker from the Admin Dash

If you need to assess Workers as an administrator or request an assessment by an assessor on behalf of a Worker, we have tools to make that happen!

To assess a Worker from the Admin dash, you'll need to click into the Competencies component and select the specific Competency you want to assess. In that Competency, you can navigate to the Worker Compliance tab.

To assess a Worker, click into their listing in the Worker Compliance list. You will be directed to a page with the assessment criteria, prerequisites, and the Assessee's Status.

The Assessee's Status will let you know their current level of competence. The Prerequisites box beneath it will indicate which of the prerequisites have been completed by the Worker.

There will be three possible statuses you can see for Prerequisites for a Worker.

  • Green checkmark: this indicates the Worker has completed the Prerequisite

  • Red X: this indicates the Worker has not completed the Prerequisite

  • Gold i: this indicates the Worker is not assigned the prerequisite

    • for the Worker to be able to complete this item, an administrator will need to assign the prerequisite item to the Worker's Position!

To begin the assessment for the Worker, click the Start Assessment button in the top right corner of the page.

This page will outline the Assessee's last status in the top left. It will outline the Prerequisites in the top right. Beneath those boxes are the Assessment Criteria. You can complete the assessment of the Worker by choosing a status for each of the criteria in the list. The choice for Instructor/Assessor will only be available if the respective setting within the overall Competencies Settings tab has been enabled - otherwise, you will only see the options for Competent and Requires Supervision. You can also add comments for each of the criteria if needed.

When all the fields in the assessment have been filled out, you can click the Submit Assessment button in the top right corner of the page.

Requesting an Assessment on behalf of a Worker

As an administrator, you have the added capacity to request a Worker be assessed without having them log in and submit the request themselves. This can be a handy tool if you have several Workers who need assessment or if you have folks who haven't taken on the request themselves.

To request an assessment for a Worker, you can click into your Competencies component and then into your specific Competency. Navigate to the Assessments tab. Here you will see all the requests for assessment that have been submitted, either by a Worker or on behalf of a Worker by an Admin. To request an assessment for a Worker, click the Request Assessment button in the top right corner of the screen.

A pop-up will open for you. In the pop-up, you can select the specific Competency you want to be assessed from the drop-down list.

You can then check off the Workers to be Assessed on the left side of the box, and select your desired Assessor from those on the right. The possible Assessors will only include the Workers who have been added to the particular Competency, and you can only select one Assessor!

After choosing your Workers and Assessor, you'll need to add a comment or note at the bottom, and when you're ready, you can click Confirm to finalize the submission.

After submitting that Assessment Request, you'll see the item listed in the Assessments Request list.

You can also make the same Assessment Request on behalf of a Worker in the Assessments tab for any specific Competency. If you do so, the drop-down Competency selector at the top of the pop-up will be missing but the other fields will remain.

Requesting an assessment will create a notification for the desired Assessor on their Worker dash Competency tile to let them know they have an assessment to complete!

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