For a worker to request a competency assessment, they must first complete any prerequisites attached to the competency. The request assessment button will be greyed out until they have been completed.

Clicking on the prerequisites themselves, will allow you to navigate to the page where they can be completed. Once all the prerequisites have been satisfied, you can click on the request assessment button.

This will then give you a list of names that an assessment can be requested from. These Assessors may have been prequalified by an admin, or assessed as an instructor/assessor from the competency itself.

Click on a name to leave a comment or reason for the request.

Once your request has been submitted, you will see the competency has updated to include details of your request.

If you are an assessor, a worker may request a competency assessment from you.

You will receive an email of a competency assessment request, and you will also see this notification on the competencies card on your dashboard.

Clicking on the tile will open up the Competencies List. From here, you can click on the Assessment Requests tab.

You may also see the assessment request from the comptency itself.

When you click on the request, you will be prompted to assess the worker, or decline the request.

If you choose to decline, you will be required to leave a reason. This will remove the request from your list.

If you choose to Assess, the competency assessment form will open up. Here you can set the status of the assessment, and add any notes.

Once all the performance criteria has been completed, click Submit Assessment.

This page will update to show the results of the assessment.

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