Sometimes people see something at work that doesn't seem right, whether it’s something illegal, unethical or otherwise. This tool will always maintain anonymity of the sender, as well as have robust tracking tools including: having a selectable list of possible recipients, file attachment, private commenting, categorization, and related policies violated.

To get started, select the Whistleblower icon from the Admin Dashboard.

The first thing you'll want to do is set up your Possible Recipients. As this tool maintains anonymity, this step is necessary to ensure that a reported breach is delivered to the right person in the company.

From this tab, select Add Recipients.

This will bring up a list of people in your company. You can search a name here, or scroll through to find it. Hovering over the Info column will show you the position, location, and permission of the person listed. You can check off the box under "Selected" and then click Add Selected to add these contacts to your recipients list.

Once added, you will be able to toggle them on or off as an active recipient. If you've added a recipient that does not have admin permissions, you will see an alert icon to indicate this.

On the settings page, you will see the option to Allow SMS Alerts.

If this is set to yes, the recipients will receive a text alert of the submission to the cell phone number listed on their profile. This message will not contain any details of the report itself, it is simply a notification that a report has been made, and the recipient must log in to Workhub to access it.

For reports which you may be the recipient of, you will be able to click on it from the list of submissions to view the submission details. When you first open the submission, it will show the status as New.

From here, you can set a priority and update the status of the submission. You can add a priority level, change the related policy, add additional attachments, and see if it has been viewed by other recipients. You can also add or reply to comments with other recipients. Don't forget to hit save.

Any Admin with Whistleblower permissions will be able to view submissions, in the list, but if they are not a recipient of the submission, they will see a lock icon and they will not be able to view any details of the report.

We have gone to extra lengths to ensure that this tool is completely anonymous, therefore if an Admin was not chosen as a recipient of the report, they will not see the submission in the list right away, Instead, it will appear at random within 2-14 days of submission. This adds an extra layer of security to ensure that this information is protected.

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