Cancelling a Rewards order

How to cancel a rewards order

Updated over a week ago

Do you need to cancel your rewards order? Maybe you were browsing our rewards catalog and decided to purchase something late night or maybe you found something else you like better. Thank Workhub that a cancel order button exists!

From your Worker Dashboard, click on the Rewards Catalog component.

Next, click into Points History. This screen will show you accumulations, redemptions and adjustments.

From here, you can click the Cancel Order button. You will be prompted to confirm. Be sure to hit Cancel Order for each individual item you want to cancel!

Once you hit yes, you will see your order change to show Cancellation Approved.


After refreshing the page, you may notice that your points total has adjusted to reflect cancellation of the item and there will be an additional line on your Points History page to show this adjustment.

This feature only works for orders that have not yet been approved by your Admin. If your order has already been approved, you will still see a cancellation button, however the order cancellation will go to our rewards team to process. As long as the order hasn't been shipped yet, this button will be available.

If you have received the wrong item, or have any issues with your order, feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] so we can resolve this for you.

Happy shopping!

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