Rewards Pricing

Costs and fees associated with Rewards points

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Our Rewards program is based on what we call Rewards points. Point values can be assigned to your compliance items and ongoing tasks, and completion of those items and tasks will provide your Workers with the decided point value. Points can also be awarded either manually by an admin or through the redemption of scratch cards. There is no cost for administering points themselves, but you will receive a weekly invoice for point redemptions separate from your standard Workhub user invoice. You will only be charged for point redemptions once an order has been approved, so as an admin you have control over the spending by your organization on your Rewards program.

Points are worth $0.25/each (0.23USD) and shipped items also carry a care charge which includes adding a signed card from management, packaging (with your company logo โ€“ as though it came from you), and shipping. This charge is usually less than $10 per shipment (which often includes more than one item).

As an example, if two 100 point items were shipped together in the same box, the charges would be $25 + $25 + about $10. If you want to avoid the care charges (which are primarily shipping costs we pass on), you do have the option of picking them up from our office in Calgary.

If you want us to include merchandise of your own in the the catalog, you can send us a photo, description and value of the item so that we can add them into the system. We will inform you by email of any such redemptions and you can provide the reward to the workers directly. There is no charge for items you supply. Any requests related to Rewards can be submitted to [email protected].

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