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Requesting a Compliance Copy
Requesting a Compliance Copy
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When new Workers join your company, they’ll need to complete various assignments to get started. That process can take a while, and it makes sense to try and save time and effort when getting your Workers up to speed. If a Worker has completed any Online Training courses or Orientations in previous accounts, it is possible to have that data copied from their previous accounts to their newest account with your company. All it takes is an automated request to our Support Centre!

It is important to note that a Compliance Copy will only copy Online Training course and Orientation completion. It will not copy any completed Certificates, Policies, Procedures, or Competencies.

It is also important to note that Compliance Copies are limited to customers on a Standard plan and are not available to free plan accounts. The button itself will be greyed out and inaccessible in free plan accounts.

To get started, begin on your Admin dash and open your Workers component:

From the Workers panel that opens, choose the Worker you want to have the previous Online Training and Orientations completion copied for. On the left side of the Worker Detail screen, you will see a button that says Request Compliance Copy. There’s also a Tool Tip in the question mark bubble next to the button. That tool tip says, “Send an email to Workhub to request a compliance copy for this Worker.”
Your page should look something like this:

When you click the Request Compliance Copy button, a popup will appear. There are a few fields in the popup to fill in to complete your Compliance Copy request. You’ll need the Worker Name, the Current Company, their Email, and any Previous Companies they have worked with that had a Workhub account. There is also a field for any Additional Notes:

The Worker Name, Current Company, and Email fields will autofill based on the information on the Worker Detail screen.

If you do not know any previous companies they may have done Workhub work with, you can simply enter N/A, Unknown, Don’t Know, or any other filler in that field.

If the Worker has any other email addresses they may have used in other Workhub accounts, it is useful to our Support Centre team members to have that information and would be the perfect addition to the Additional Notes field. If you don’t know any other addresses for them, no sweat!

Once you’ve entered the necessary information, hit Send Request at the bottom. The popup will close and you’ll see a message at the bottom of your screen confirming the email was successfully sent to the Support Centre:

The email generated will go to our Support Centre, where our Customer Success team members will complete the Compliance Copy as soon as they’re able. The email will be tied to the name and email address of the administrator who made the request, and you should receive an email response confirming that the copy has been completed after it’s done.

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