Direct Reports

The basics of what Direct Reports are and how they function.

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Within Workhub, Direct Reports include the Workers who have a particular person listed as their Supervisor. They allow Supervisors to review the compliance and activity of anyone under their supervision, as well as inform a Worker of who they are responsible to and can contact for information.

What can you see using Direct Reports?

For any Worker listed as having a Supervisor, a box will appear on their Worker Dash with the details for their Supervisor listed. They will be able to see the Supervisor's Profile image, Name, and Position, and will be able to send an email to or call their Supervisor using the email and phone symbols, respectively.

A Supervisor will have a box on their Worker Dash titled My Direct Reports. By clicking that box, a Supervisor will be shown a list of their Direct Reports.

From there, a Supervisor can view the Workers' information, review their compliance, check their Correspondence information and history, review their Points history for Rewards, and see a snapshot of their overall compliance history.

Within the Direct Report's Information tab, a Supervisor can view a snapshot of a Worker's Details and their current Compliance for their Responsibilities and their Ongoing Tasks. A Supervisor can then click into any of the listed components for a view of what the Worker has completed or still needs to finish.

The Correspondence tab will allow the Supervisor to view all emails sent to or by the Worker.

The Points History tab will provide a current count of a Worker's accumulated points, as well a list of all the point accumulations, redemptions, and adjustments.

The Compliance & Activity History tab will show a bar graph of the Worker's overall compliance over their tenure with the account. It will also list the Worker's Activity over the previous 90 days, including their logins, lesson completions, quiz attempts, certificate uploads, policy and procedure reviews, etc.

Finally, the last tab will be called the Worker's Name Direct Reports. This tab allows you to view a list of the Workers who are the Direct Reports of the Worker; in essence, your Direct Report's Direct Reports! This tab does not allow you to view their compliance information, but it will allow you to view a summary list of who those Workers are, their Position/Location, contact information, and their overall compliance.

In the top right corner of all these tabs, you'll see a button that says Download. Clicking this will allow you download two items: a Direct Report summary PDF, and an Activity History PDF.

The Direct Report summary PDF will contain all the information contained on the Direct Report's Information tab as well information for their Supervisor. The Activity History PDF will contain the Worker's Activity History all the way back to their account creation.

There is an additional download available through the Compliance & Activity History tab: the Compliance & Recent Activity PDF download will generate a PDF that includes the compliance bar graph and the Worker's activity for the last 90 days (as seen in that tab).

Workers who do not have a Supervisor listed will not see a box with the information for a Supervisor on their Worker dash. Likewise, Workers who do not have any Direct Reports will not see a box for Direct Reports on their Worker dash.

Assigning A Supervisor

To assign a Supervisor, start on your Admin dash and open your Workers component from your Administration toolbox. From your Worker List, click into the Worker you want to assign a Supervisor.

In the Worker Detail screen, you will see a field called Select Supervisor. Click the pencil symbol next to the field, and in the pop-up that appears, begin typing the name of the Worker you want to be listed as the Supervisor. The system will auto-generate the names of any Workers in your organization who match what you have typed. Select the Worker from the options generated.

Once you've selected the appropriate Worker, the Worker Detail screen will display a Supervisor for that Worker.

After you have finished making the changes you want to the Worker Detail screen, make sure you hit Save Worker in the top right corner of your screen!

A Worker's Supervisor will be listed in both the Worker List and the Extended Worker List downloads in the Worker component.

Why is a Supervisor not assigned in Positions & Roles?

While it might seem like it would be something you would do through Positions & Roles, the assignment of a Supervisor is actually done in the Workers component.

This is because while one Position might ordinarily report to another Position, sometimes within organizations Workers can be divided into teams that are responsible to differing individuals. For instance, if an organization has a Position of Labourer and has 500 Workers in that same Position, they may want to be able to divide those Labourers into groups without creating unique Positions for each group.

Having a Supervisor listed by the individual offers flexibility in reporting without the complication of changing assignments and permissions with every change of project.

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