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Custom Signup link (Admin)
Custom Signup link (Admin)
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Hey there, Administrator! We get that adding a bunch of workers one by one can be a hassle. So why not let them sign up on their own while you handle the rest of the onboarding process?

Please note that self-signups won't automatically grant workers access to your organization's profile. We've got some internal controls in place to keep your organizational data safe. That means you'll need to manually approve these signups before adding them to your organization.

But don't worry, we've made the signup process super easy. You can copy a custom signup link for your organization and send this out to your workers. Just follow these steps:

1. Head to your Admin Dashboard and click on "Workers".

2. Go to the "Signups" tab at the top of the page, and look for the "Custom Signup Page" button in the upper right corner.

3. Here, you can copy the direct signup link and share it with your workers. You can even customize the signup form to match your Organization's preferences (remember, customization is a paid feature).

4. If you enable the Location selection, workers can enter their location during signup.

Please refer to the image below for an example of how your Sign up page should appear:

This visual representation will give you a clear understanding of the layout and elements of the Signup page. Once a worker signs up, your Workers Component in the Admin Dashboard will show the number of signups in yellow.

When you navigate to the sign-up page, you'll notice that any field highlighted in red indicates that you need to provide the correct information before creating a worker.

Let me show you an example: by changing Tracy's Location to an existing location within the Company, the Create Worker button becomes active and ready to be clicked.

And there you have it! Adding new workers has never been this straightforward. Enjoy the streamlined process!

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