How to duplicate an Inspection

Steps on duplicating a pre-existing Inspection checklist from your account

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Do you have Inspections to complete that are all relatively similar but distinct in enough ways that they need to be their own Inspections? It would be really nice to be able to duplicate those Inspections and save yourself some time, right? We've got you covered!

Duplicating an Inspection

The first step in creating a clone of one of your Inspections is starting on your Admin Dash and opening your Inspections component.

You need to create a new Inspection, so click Add New in the top right corner, and select Inspection Type.

Choose the category that applies to your Inspection, and give your Inspection a name. Keep in mind that if you're trying to duplicate a previous Inspection, it would make sense for the new Inspection to be of the same category! Hit Start From Scratch when you're ready.

In the Inspection itself, the main body of the page will have two buttons: Add Section, and Add From Template. Choose Add From Template, and in the pop-up that appears, choose From Another Inspection.

The From Another Inspection option will allow you to choose from any of your pre-existing Inspections to populate the Sections and Checks for your new Inspection! Choose your pre-existing Inspection from the list by clicking Copy Checklist.

Doing so will populate your new Inspection with all the Sections and Checks from your original Inspection. It may take a few seconds based on how many items are within your original Inspection, so be patient. Once they've loaded, you've got a duplicate Inspection!

Important Considerations

The sections and checks you've imported can be altered or moved as you see fit. You can make any tweaks or alterations that you need after importing them. You can also add any additional Sections and Checks that you'll need to include. This means if you have Inspections that are very similar, you can save yourself a bunch of time by duplicating your Inspection and making those small changes as you go!

This process does not copy:

  • the Assignments of an Inspection - they will need to be set by an admin in the Assignments & Frequency tab for the Inspection

  • the Settings of the original Inspection - it is important to be diligent in tailoring those Settings on the right side of the page to suit the purpose of your new Inspection!

  • the Submissions of an Inspection - your new Inspection will be fresh and clear of any previous submissions

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