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Polls for Workers
Updated over a week ago

As a Worker, your admin may create Polls to ask for your opinion! You'll be able to respond to those requests in the Polls component. You'll see this component on your Worker dash, and if there's a Poll that you can participate in, you'll see a "1 To Do" message.

Within the component, you'll see a list of all the Polls for your organization. They will be arranged by date, and the Active polls will appear with a blue dot and will have a gold bubble with a Time Left listed.

To vote in an Active poll, simply click into the Poll from the list and review the options in the next screen.

You can make your selections by checking the boxes next to the answer(s) you would like to submit. If you are able to vote on just one option within a poll, you will see circular radio buttons next to your choice options, and if you are permitted to choose more than one response, you will see square checkboxes. If there is a limit to the number of responses you can provide, it will inform you of how many choices you have include beneath the Poll question. Once you've checked the option(s) you would like, you can click the Submit Vote button.

You can choose to add a Comment on the Poll beneath the Poll Question. You can use this option to add any commentary you'd like for review by an administrator. They may choose to respond, to share your comment, or a combination of those options. They may also keep your comment hidden.

After you've submitted your vote, your page will change to display the results of the poll up to that point. You'll be able to see a blue and grey bar for the options selectable by all Workers indicating the proportion of the votes so far, a pie graph indicating how many Workers who able to vote have voted so far, and any comments that have been added and shared.

After you've shared your opinion in the poll, you're all done!

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