For Custom Courses or Procedures you have the option of linking to a YouTube video. There are several advantages to this. First, YouTube will deliver the video content to your worker while optimizing the video based on their internet connection quality. With a poor connection your worker will be served the smallest file possible. This is not possible when you upload an MP4 video into Workhub as the original quality will always be served regardless of internet quality.

To add the link to Workhub we need the video ID, this is different from the URL and only includes the string after the "watch?v=" section:

Be careful you don't have a playlist or timestamped URL when you do this. Those look something like this:

The rule of thumb for this is you want everything after the "v=" but everything before the first ampersand (&) as seen below:

Once you copy this string you can paste it into the YouTube ID section in Workhub. voila! You are good to go.

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