How do I add a worker?

Create new employees or contractors, and setup their profile with some basic information about them.

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To add a new Worker to your organization, begin on your Admin dash and click on Workers.

Then, click the Add Worker button on the far right

This will open up the Worker Profile. From here there will be seven required fields in order to set up your worker. First name, Last name, Position, Location, Email, Worker Type, and Time Zone. 

For a worker to get access, they'll need a password set up. You have three options regarding password creation:

  1. Send Login Email: this will send your Worker an email with a link, prompting them to click through and create a password for themselves.

  2. Create temporary password: this will allow you to create a password for the Worker account and inform them of what it is when you are ready. You can choose to send them an email to get them to log in for the first time as well.

  3. Don't create password yet: this will allow you to postpone the password creation until you are ready to have the Worker to log in. If you choose this option, be sure to come back to enable your Worker's access to their account when the time comes!

Be sure to choose which of these options you want before you hit Save Worker.

Hitting Save Worker will get the system to follow whichever path is currently selected. The system defaults to choose Send login email, so if you aren't ready for Workers to log in yet, please be cautious!

When you're ready to create your Worker, hit Save Worker in the top right corner of the screen.

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