An essential element of Workhub is the presence of Workers. Workhub allows you to create accounts within your organization for each individual Worker, manage their information, assign them items for onboarding and overall compliance, and to manage their ongoing tasks. Part of the beauty of Workhub is that by creating Worker accounts, you enable your Workers to input and manage their own data and compliance rather than having to track it all yourself as an admin.

Workers are also the way we charge our Standard plan customers. Each active Worker in an organization's account costs $4 CAD/$3 USD per month. Our pricing is also pro-rated, so if you have a Worker active for less that a full month's billing period, you will only be charged for the period they are active. When a Worker is made inactive, they will be removed from billing for the portion of the month they are inactive. Inactive Workers will maintain their completed work and compliance, but it will not be possible to view their compliance until they are once again listed as active.

Creating Workers

To get started with Workers, your first step is to create a Worker Profile for someone in your organization. To begin, start on your Admin dash and click into the Workers component in your Administration box.

The Worker component houses all the information for the Workers you opt to include in your organization. The landing page for the Worker component is the Worker List, which lists all the Workers in your organization. From the Worker List page, click the Add Worker button in the top right corner of your screen. A panel will open for you to add your new worker:

To add a new Worker, you'll need to fill in all the fields with asterisks (*). These fields include:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Position

  • Location

  • Email address

You can also include any information in the other fields that you have available or deem appropriate.

On the left side of the screen, you can optionally upload an employee image. If your organization account is on a Standard plan (our paid service level), you can also use the Request Compliance Copy button to request an employee's information from previous accounts be copied to the new account. Please see our Help article on the subject for more information.

On the right side of the screen, you can choose from several password options upon the creation of the account.

  • Send Login Email: this option will generate a password email that is sent to the Worker upon account creation that prompts them to create a password to access their account.

  • Create Temporary Password: this option will allow you as an admin to create a password for your Worker to use to log in with the first time. After they have logged in using the temporary password, they will be prompted to create their own personalized password for all future log ins.

  • Don't Create Password Yet: this option is self-explanatory. The Worker will not receive any information for logging in. This option will keep an account out of reach from a Worker and can be chosen if you aren't ready for the Worker to access their account yet. Be sure to choose one of the first two options when you are ready for your Worker to access their account!

These options will be present in the Worker Detail screen only until the Worker has logged in for the first time. After the Worker has logged in for the first time, these options will disappear and a Reset Password option will appear in the top right corner alongside the Save Worker and Delete Worker buttons.

When you have entered all the necessary information and made your password setting choice, hit Save Worker in the top right corner of your Worker Detail screen.

Managing Workers

Once you have added Workers to your organization, you can manage their information and view their compliance using the Workers component.

In the Worker Detail screen, where you would originally have entered the information to create a new Worker, you can update their information, assign a Supervisor, add any notes you want to share with that particular Worker in the Shared Notes field, and review the Worker's compliance in the bottom portion of the screen.

In the HR & Notes screen, admins are able to add some HR related information to a Worker. This tab has particular permissions associated with it, so as an admin you can limit who has access to this screen.

This screen allows you to add details about the Worker's HR status like start date, release date, and eligibility for rehire. In the Personal Details/Employment Equity box, you can add information like birth date, social insurance number, health care number, and allergies or medications, or identify if the Worker is a member of a minority community. The bottom portion of the screen allows the addition of any notes or documents relevant to the Worker. On the right side of the screen, you can add address information for the Worker (They can also enter their information from the Worker Profile option on the Worker dash.).

The Correspondence tab allows admins to review what emails and notifications were sent to the Worker's email address or mobile device. This tab can be useful to review what information should have made its way to Workers if there are any issues of miscommunication or a lack of communication of important information.

Direct Reports allows you to see the subordinate Workers of the Worker you're currently looking at. A Worker who is listed as another Worker's Supervisor will have listings in this tab.

The Incidents tab will list an incidents in the Incents & Hazards component that the Worker is involved with. It will list the date and Incident ID of the Incident itself as well as the involvement of the Worker in that Incident. You can click into any of the listings to view the details of that particular Incident.

Finally, the Privacy tab allows to review what sensitive information for the Worker has been viewed and by whom, and what sensitive data has been viewed by the Worker. Sensitive data within Workhub is displayed as dots rather than as characters, and includes fields like their Emergency Contact information in the Worker Detail screen and their Personal Details/Employment Equity information in the HR & Notes screen.

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