Workers in Workhub are not just assets you track, workers are all given their own account with the ability to login. When workers login they will be able to see what assignments have been set for them according to their job position or location in the company.

Rather than using safety software that is simply a glorified spreadsheet for tracking assignments, workers login to Workhub to upload/complete their own data, making them compliant in your company's safety program. 

Workers can keep their emergency contacts up to date, be notified when certifications are expiring, and receive important safety alerts in the system or via email/text message. This is one of the key benefits of using EHS software that gives workers their own profiles. Worker involvement in a safety program is increased substantially vs having all the same tools but relying on admins to manually enter compliance.

Workers are also how we invoice our customers. Depending on the number of active users you have in SafetySync we charge $5 per user/month. We pro-rate the price if a worker is added or removed mid-month. Workers who are moved inactive are hibernated and while their compliance remains intact it is not possible to view their compliance unless they are moved active.

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