Scratch cards are a cost-effective way to complement your company incentive program. It's a simple but fun way for workers to really embrace safety culture (we all enjoy a little recognition!).

The cards come in three different values, so you're able to work them into your budget ahead of time. The values are as follows:

Scratch cards can be ordered through the Admin side of the portal, located under the Rewards tile.

The cards can be ordered as a single set, or in multiple sets. Simply select your quantity, and hit order now. You will be prompted to enter your shipping details and choose your set type.

You might be wondering what a good time to hand them out would be. It will be more company specific, but we have some suggestions to make things a little easier!

  • Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment

  • Performing a safety or emergency drill

  • Passing a site or equipment inspection

  • Identifying (and/or controlling) a hazard

  • Proving competency at a particular task

  • Participating in a critical behavior observation

  • Helping mentor a new employee (green hand)

  • Earning a positive review from a customer

  • Providing constructive feedback

  • Consistently doing work in a safe and efficient manner

So, your employees have received a card, now what? There will be a box for them to scratch which contains the amount of points the card is worth, along with a code. Each code is company specific, so you don't need to worry about employees bringing cards over from their old company. On their Portal, they'll click Rewards, then Redeem Scratch Cards. Once they enter the code, the points will be added to their account.

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