Assigning Orientations

Change orientation requirements for individual workers.

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Orientations are presentations within Workhub used for training, much like the courses available in Online Training. However, one key difference exists: Orientations are globally available, while Online Training courses are limited to the accounts they've been created in (or shared with other account by special request from an admin). To assign Orientations, you need to take two steps: Enable the Orientation, and then assign it to Workers. You can also review Worker compliance.

Enabling an Orientation

From your Admin Dashboard, click on the Orientations Component to open up the Orientation list.

To enable an Orientation, select the desired orientation from the available options. Utilize the toggle tab to Enable the chosen orientation.

Enabling an Orientation will make it available to your Workers from the Worker dash. However, it will not assign the Orientation to any of your Workers. If you need the Orientation to be completed, you will need to assign it.

Assigning an Orientation

After enabling an Orientation, you will be provided with a comprehensive list of workers within the organization for assignment purposes. Simply mark the checkboxes corresponding to the desired workers and proceed to save your changes by clicking the Save Orientation button located at the top-right corner of the page.

Reviewing Worker Compliance

For Workers within your account

If you have assigned an Orientation from another company to your Workers, you can use the Download Report button in the Orientation Details screen to download a report of your Workers' compliance for that Orientation.

For Subcontractors in other accounts

Organizations can also upload Orientations for other companies to use. This is useful if your organization often brings in subcontractors to complete work but you don't want to add those Workers to your own Workhub account.

If your organization has an Orientation that has been enabled and assigned by another organization, you can review the Workers within that account who have completed the Orientation using the Subcontractors tab.

In the Subcontractors tab, you will see a list of organizations and the Workers within those organizations who have completed the Orientation. Included in the compliance information is the Status of that Worker's compliance.

You can use the Download Report button on that screen to download a PDF or Excel file of the list.

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