How to add a competency:

1. Click on Competencies from the main page of the Admin Portal under the Reponsibilities section.

2. Next click the Add New button and select Competency.

3. Begin by typing in your competency name. You can also add a Section Number and Contact Person.

You can also set prerequisites for other items you have on Workhub. Clicking Add next to the component will open up a list of items for you to choose from.

Your workers will need to view and acknowledge these items before they will be able to request an assessment on the competency.

4. The next step is to build your assessment criteria. Select Add Criterion to add a line where you can easily type it in. You can also select Add Header to organize your criteria and keep it manageable.

Once you've typed in the text field, you can click off the line or click the checkmark to save it. You can also drag any of the lines to reorder. Clicking the trash icon will remove them as well. Once you click the trash icon, you will see a strikethrough and the option to undo.

Adding Assessors to your competency:

An Assessor is someone who is qualified to assess other workers on the competency. They can either have been assessed on the competency or they can be prequalified by an admin.

Click Add on the Assessors card. This will open up a list of workers to select from.

Clicking Add Selected will display them on the card. You can click the Trash icon to remove any assessors.

You may notice an alert next to some assessors names. A yellow alert indicates that the competency has not been assigned to the worker. You will need to assign the competency to their position to enable them as an assessor. A red alert indicates that the worker's position is missing the permissions to View Competencies. The permissions will need to be enabled for them to access the component.

Once your assessors have been added, a worker will be able to request an assessment so they can complete their competency. Wondering how that works? Take a look at this help article.

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