Assign and Enable Online Courses

Make course content available to your workers.

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All courses within the Workhub online safety management system are customizable, meaning that an administrator can:

  1. Select which lessons to include in the course.

  2. Select which lesson video version to enable.

  3. Assign your Online Training course.

  4. Tailor course settings, including choosing which quiz questions to ask, what score on the quiz is required to pass, expiry dates, etc.

Choosing which lessons to include in a course

From your Admin dash, select the Online Training component from the Dashboard.

Then, select the course that you would like to make active. This will open up the Course Detail page and you will see all the lessons available for that course listed here.

Here, you can check off the appropriate lessons you would like to Include In Course. You can preview each lesson by clicking on the Lesson Name to navigate to the Lesson Details page where you can also select your preferred lesson version. When you're done, click Save Course.

Choosing which lesson version is enabled

In addition to selecting which lessons are included in a course, you can also choose which version of a course you want your Workers to view.

For many of our courses, there are multiple lesson versions available. Sometimes the versions have been created by us, and sometimes they've been created by other organizations or authorities. For any lesson that has different versions available, you can decide which one to share. To do so, start on your Admin dash and open Online Training. Click into the course you want to change versions for, then select a lesson from that course. The Lesson Overview screen will include all the versions available for that lesson:

You can click into any of the version to preview them before you choose to use them.

To choose a version to be used for your Workers, click the radio button (the dot) next to the version, then hit Save Lesson in the top right corner of the page.

Assigning the Course

Method 1: assigning the positions to a course

From the Course Details page, select the Assignments tab. Here, you will see a list of all positions within your company. You can select the position and set the course to either Required or Optional. Required means that all workers in that position will be required to complete the course to have 100% compliance. Optional means that workers in the selected position will be able to access the course, but it will not affect their compliance.

Once you've assigned it to all your positions, Save Assignments.

Method 2: assigning the course to a position

You can use this method if you've created a new position and don't want to go through each course individually enabling it for your newly created position. Once you have enabled your lessons, select the Positions component from your Admin Dashboard.

Then, Select the position to which you'd like to assign the course. In the Positions Details section, under the Courses tab, choose the courses you would like that position to be required to take or to be given the option to take it.

Click Save Position, and your assignments will be finalized!

Tailoring your Course Settings

You can change the settings for an individual Online Training course (as opposed to tailoring the settings for your Online Training component as a whole) by clicking into a particular Course in your Online Training list and navigating to the Settings tab.

As outlined at the top of that screen, All courses will use the global settings as set in the Online Training settings unless changed within the particular course settings. Any changes made in the individual course settings will overrule the global defaults.

You can make whatever changes you deem appropriate to your course in this page, including how long a course is valid for, whether a Worker needs to review a lesson if they fail a quiz, and what constitutes a passing mark. To change the setting from its default, you can uncheck the Use Default checkbox on the right side of each setting and make your desired change.

When you've made any changes you'd like to see, be sure to hit Save Course Settings in the top right corner to save those changes.

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