All courses within the Workhub online safety management system are completely customizable, meaning that an administrator can:

  1. Select which lessons to include in the course.

  2. Select which positions in the company are required to, or can optionally, take the course.

  3. Select which lesson video "version" to enable.

  4. Choose various settings, including choosing which quiz questions to ask, what score on the quiz is required to pass, expiry dates, etc.

This topic covers the first two configurations above, which determine what and for whom the course is turned on.  Note: Other customization features are covered in related topics.

PART A - Choosing which lessons to include in a course:

From your Admin side, select the Online Courses module from the Dashboard

Then, select the course that you would like to make active. This will open up the Course Detail page and you will see all the lessons available for that course listed here.

Here, you can check off the appropriate lessons you would like to Include In Course. You can preview each lesson by clicking on the Lesson Name to navigate to the Lesson Details page where you can also select your preferred lesson version. When you're done, click Save Changes.

PART B - Assign the positions to a course:

From the Course Details page, select the Assignments tab. Here, you will see a list of all positions within your company. You can select the position and set the course to either Required or Optional. Required means that all workers in that position will be required to complete the course to have 100% compliance. Optional means that workers in the selected position will be able to access the course, but it will not affect their compliance.

Once you've assigned it to all your positions, Save Changes.

PART B (ALTERNATE METHOD) - Assign the course to a position:

You can use this method if you've created a new position and don't want to go through each course individually enabling it for your newly created position. Once you have enabled your lessons, select the Positions module from your Admin Dashboard.

Then, Select the position to which you'd like to assign the course. In the Positions Details section, under the Courses tab, choose the courses you would like that position to be required to take or to be given the option to take it.

Click Save Position

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