Deactivating a Worker

Inactive employees and contractors don't get invoiced and are hibernated with their compliance intact.

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Workers can be listed as Active or Inactive within Workhub. An Inactive Worker is one whose information you want to retain in the system for future recall but that you don't currently need using the account.

Any information generated by a Worker within an account will be hidden after they are deactivated but will return when the Worker is reactivated. Depending on how long the Worker has been Inactive and the settings within the account, some of their compliance items may have lapsed and they may need to refresh things like Online Training, Certificates, Policies, etc.

Note: Inactive employees are not able to access the system and are not included in corporate queries, statistics, or graphs. Administrators are not able to view inactive employees' compliance levels, notes and comments and/or correspondence. For Premium Plan clients you will not be billed for inactive workers.

The following steps take an administrator through the process of changing a worker from Active to Inactive.

1. From your Admin dash, click on Workers

2. Select the worker you want to make inactive.

3. You can toggle the button to Inactive from the worker profile and click Save Worker. This will also hide the worker's compliance details.

It's always possible to reactivate an Inactive Worker! You can follow the steps in our Help Article on reactivation to bring them back.

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