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Assigning supervisors to workers
Assigning supervisors to workers

Assigning supervisors to their direct reports

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The assignment of supervisors is done by assigning individual workers to their supervisors.


From your Admin dashboard, click on Workers, then select the worker profile from the list. 

In the Supervisor field, you can click into space and begin typing the name of the Worker that you want to be listed as their Supervisor. When the system volunteers a Worker name, click the name to have it autofill the field.

To save your changes, click Save Worker in the top right corner of the screen.

After a Worker has had a Supervisor assigned to them, they'll be able to see their Supervisor's information in the top right portion of their Worker dash. A Supervisor will see information for their Direct Reports displayed in that same space. If a Worker has both a Supervisor and their own Direct Reports, they'll see both - like in this example:

Each of those boxes can be interacted with by the Worker. Clicking the Supervisor box will bring up a pop-up with the Supervisor's position, location, and contact information listed. Clicking the Direct Reports box will allow a Supervisor to review the folks listed as their Direct Reports along with their compliance details, correspondence history, points history, and an overview of their direct reports if they have any.

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